How To — Workout ‘Do’s’

One fine day this Spring we took some of favorite babes to the East River Park Track for an afternoon of Hair ‘do’s’ and recreation.

The Top Knot

The Top Knot has a mind of its own; positioned askew, it exudes nonchalance.
Erica wears the Colorblock Athena Crop.

The Low Pony

Low pony — low maintenance.
Maja wears the Steeplechase Sports Bra and Biker Short.

The Double-Decker Pony

The ultimate fly-away tamer, the double-decker holds front layers tight and waterfalls down to a sleek low pony.
Lauren wears the Athena Crop.

The Hang-Loose

Some mornings a simple ear tuck is all you need to get trotting.
Only styling required: a drop of perspiration to keep the hair secure.
Maja wears the Athena Crop.

The Inverse Pony

The most adult of ‘Do’s’ the Inverse Pony best suits the woman who prefers the polished look both on and off the court.
Lily wears the Athena Crop and Court Skort.

The Power Braid

Positioned at center-top, The Power Braid, reads Sporty, Eager, Un-mess-with-able.
Nicolette wears the Cross-back Bra.

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