Will Fox’s Visual Vernacular

Will Fox's Visual Vernacular

Store Designer, Will Fox, gives us insight into his inspiration for our new Boston Store.

Hey, I'm Will and I'm the Store Designer for OV. My go-to Recreational activity is jogging, but because of the summer heat, I've been swimming a lot at Deep Eddy Pool. It's a cool pool in Austin. I've always really liked doing things with my hands. At a pretty young age, I was cooking a lot and had a knack for carpentry.

I grew up in Chicago and was homeschooled until high school, and did a lot of ceramics and furniture building. At that point, I didn't realize I wanted to be an architect or designer. Before college, a friend told me he thought I'd enjoy it, and it's funny, I really hadn't thought about it until then even though it really marries my interests. I studied architecture in Austin, got a Masters at Yale, and here I am.

Learn more about Will’s inspiration for our Boston Store by hovering over, resizing and moving the images below.

We were thinking about Boston like a collegiate town, an ivy league town...Boston is also known as a running city, the Boston marathon being on of the most significant.

This is the Dartmouth locker room and each player has their own outfit put away. We really liked that idea and used it to figure out what different outfits we wanted to showcase.

When I was thinking about the Boston store, I immediately thought of Good Will Hunting and there’s that one specific shot near the duck pond near the Boston Commons which is really nice.

I try to let things be pretty free form in a way and not too serious. So whatever I’m thinking about when it comes to a city, I let loose a little.

I was also looking at collegiate sports, the Charles River being a big resource for the city in terms of activity. So running and rowing and then thinking about how our store can mirror some of that energy.

We wanted it to also feel like a recourse for recreation and through the locker room feel we are incorporating a sports gear rental system called the Rec Room.

This is Karl. He’s not necessarily the most sculpted athlete in some sense but he really represents having fun and being out there everyday.

There non-designed spaces, kind of these little ramshackle type stuff but they’re all clad in this old cedar wood. We incorporated that into our fitting rooms and that’s one of the fitting rooms in our space.

We also looked at this art installation in Palm Springs of this completely mirrored home by Doug Aitken. It reflects the landscape around it so right next to our beach cabin we have our mirrored fit room. That’s another fun element fo the space as well.

Right now, I would I find a lot of my inspiration from everyday life and really focus in on the day to day.

My inspiration comes from a good mix of thinking about activity, the outdoors but also thinking about places that are almost not designed or feel to currated, a place that feels like it simply exists—to me feels inspirational.

The inspiration originally came from these train figurines that you use for train sets—they have a lot of energy to them and personality. It feels like a great representation of our ethos. There’s definitely a statue culture here, and Karl feels like another fun way to have a connection to the city because he isn’t a political figure he’s your average guy being active

I look at a lot of fine art, so sculptures and installations. Lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of old sport stores, still life paintings, and Cy Twombly—kind of a hodgepodge of things.

Stop by and see it IRL.

We featured some of the Dartmouth Plaid on the seating outside.

This is Carl!

The OV locker room

The stretching zone.

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