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Fitness crazes, boutique gyms, and the ubiquity of yoga in the park would lead us to believe that in order to move your body and have fun doing it, you have to leave your house to work it.  There’s a lot of truth in getting out and about, but to be honest, we can’t help but be reminded of the 1980s, when exercise VHS tapes were all the rage and the concept of working out in the comfort of your home was not only worthwhile, but pretty funky!

We believe people should be able to access energetic, lively, and worthwhile exercise classes wherever they are. And that’s exactly what the Peloton community does.  Known for there upbeat, engaging, and sweat-soaked classes, Peloton knows the value of being able to provide people everywhere with an exercise experience that is all about making progress and boosting your endorphin on an everyday basis. 

When we spoke to members of the Peloton community, they all shared a similar ethos, although their situations were completely different.  As Leslie Wright Oswald, an indoor cycling teacher who found Peloton in 2017, told us, “I didn't start exercising until I was in my late 40's. A friend and I decided as a goof to go to the Y across the street during our lunch hour to check it out. We had never seen spin before. We hopped on and died. OMG! I couldn't walk for a week!”

Now, Leslie teaches indoor cycling at a local gym and has logged over 560 Peloton rides, Leslie hops on her Peloton bike on her off days, often with her husband, who rides with Peloton daily, “He’s 700 rides in! We love it as we can ride together. The only trouble is deciding what ride to do. With the addition of all the new programs he also uses it while walking, biking or hiking out on the trail.”

Peloton has become a major part of Leslie’s exercise routine — having helped her recover from surgery on multiple occasions, without losing her stride. “As the years have gone by I've had a knee replacement on the right in 2010, back fusion in 2018 and another knee replaced in 2019. Peloton has been a huge part of my rehabs and as a result I have returned to teaching all my classes within 8 weeks of my surgeries.  I'd say each instructor inspires me to be a better instructor myself.”

John Miller, a 56 year old whose currently pursuing an MBA told us, “Peloton has been a very real lifesaver for me. For the last 5 years I have been a caregiver for my wife after she suffered a brain injury after her cardiac arrest. This bike gives me energy to keep going and a chance to do something beneficial for myself when I have nothing left to give.”

John found Peloton at during a major change in his life. “Our life situation, combined with being a full-time sales manager and full time dad, provided precious few hours in which I could ride outside.” He was training for the Texas MS150 and quickly noticed that Peloton could help him train at any hour of the day. Not only that, but being able to ride in his increasingly slim free time helped John shift his point of view. “I have completely adopted the idea of ‘improvement over perfection’ in all my life roles, in and out of the saddle. It gives me that pause to reflect on how I’ve become stronger when a class, or life, isn’t easy. Overall I can now consider exercise something I do for myself, not to myself.  For me, movement is about investing in my future and my long-term ability to provide for my family. The more active I can be, the healthier I can become. I may be getting older but I am getting stronger!” 

Raneisha Price reiterated John’s perspective. “Movement is very important to me. I stopped working out for the aesthetic portion years ago, but the way being active makes me feel is so important! I am a better wife, mommie, and all around ME after I finish working out.”

And while the shift in perspective is a major win, all members of the Peloton community we spoke with re-iterated how important the sense of community truly is. “I have seen people mourn together who have never met, celebrate milestones and birthdays, and just become friends through the Peloton community,” Raneisha said.

During some of John’s more trying times, the Peloton community was there for him. “When my wife was hospitalized last December, I had a Power Zone team member offer to send meal cards. Others offered to do an extra rose for me to help me keep our team stats up. That’s a whole new level of support that is hard to replicate in other places and with other formats. Knowing that there is always someone there to make that load lighter helps me keep going, even on those hard days. That’s the real-world benefit of riding with Peloton— we are truly better, and stronger, together.”

At the end of the day, the rides help boost their endorphins, but that sense of camaraderie from exercising with friends is what brings them back. A shout out here. A high five there. It’s the little things that keep us going. And of course, the cheering. No one knows this better than John, who wanted everyone to know that, “If you’re a rider from Texas you will always get a high five from me, JRtheTexan!” Right on, JRTheTexan. We’re right there with you.

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