Introducing H2OV — Get Watersporty

You might have seen we launched our swim collection recently, so we sat down with our Design Director, Alexa Day Silva, to find out some styling secrets, and the inspiration behind our new collection.

Tavia wears the Dive Tankini in Aqua and the Flip Bottom in Aqua. Emma wears the Dive One Piece in Vermilion/Light Peach/Rose. Zeyna wears the Glide Top in Lemonade and the Glide Bottom in Lemonade.

👋 Hey! I’m Alexa,

this is Zehra

and that’s Hillary!

Together, we are a lean, mean, design team. Today, I want to introduce you to H2OV, our first ever swim collection!

Our inspiration really came from looking at when swim was super fun, sporty, sexy and the colors were super bright. We started asking ourselves loads of questions: What will make our customer feel beautiful and confident? Will she be able to do activities without everything falling out? So, knowing that we wanted you to feel that way, our product development team worked really hard on getting the fit right. If we can make you feel slammin and badass, like you can do anything, then it’ll be amazing. We don’t need to superimpose any of those perceived notions of sexiness.

So, we looked a lot at images from the 80’s and 90’s, people swimming, beach volleyball, people on jet skis—anything fun and high energy. We really wanted to inject that spirit. Fun, for me at least, is a really important part of OV’s ethos. So, when we were picking colors, we wanted to make sure that it could make you feel super fun and energetic. Fun doesn’t have to be juvenile or specific to age—that mentality evokes and exudes a lot of energy.

Growing up, one of my favorite swim pieces was this tankini I had from Old Navy, it had oranges on it, and I wore that thing to death. So, I love the Tankini. I love it all!

Cax wears the Dive Tankini in Blueberry and the Glide Bottom in Lemonade

We really liked the idea that you could spend the day in any of the pieces. For the type of day on the beach or the lake when you’re jumping off into the water, and you’re going water skiing, or windsurfing—all of these kinds of water sporty activities. Or maybe you didn’t go into your day planning on doing that, but you can be sporty, comfortable and active.

Emma wears the Dive One Piece in Vermilion/Light Peach/Rose.

Tavia wears the Dive Top in Mint/Aqua/Light Mint and the Flip Bottom in Mint.

My favorite styling tricks, is that when we were making the Dip Bottom, we made it so it could be worn super high on your hips. Go for it—pull it up—feel sexy! Have your moment!

Tavia wears the Dive Top in Black and the Dip Bottom in Black.


The Splash One Piece is just freakishly flattering. I put that on, and I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’. You immediately kind of sit up a little taller.

I also loved how Tiffany, our Creative Director, styled all the different colors together. So people can wear this season Blueberry Glide Bottom with next seasons weird sporty top. Be confident and have fun, tell us what you think—and don’t be afraid of color!


Ellery wears the Splash One Piece in Blueberry and the Freestyle Shark Classic Clip in Pink/Orange.

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