How To — The Shapes Bundle

The Shapes Bundle is a family of fitness accessories inspired by sculpture. Made in collaboration with Visibility studio, the shapes —a Roller, a Block, and a Triangle — can be used together or individually across different fields of exercise and activity. Constructed from solid cork, the shapes harness the inherent technicality of the natural, environmentally-friendly, and regenerating material; cork is lightweight and easy to maneuver, impervious to sweat, antimicrobial, and slip resistant. With a playful nod to tactility and material interaction, the shapes elevate the traditional fitness kit and encourage users to find new ways to stretch, bend, and play. We teamed up with our friends at Sky Ting Yoga for some helpful tips on putting the Shapes Bundle to use.

Pose: Forward Fold
Place the Triangle under your heels, inhale, look out in your squat. Exhale to extend the legs up to a forward hang. Folding and unfolding as many times as you like.
Benefits: Tones the legs and strengthens your pelvic floor.

Pose: Splits
Begin in a downdog with a Block underneath each hand. Slide the right leg forward to a split. Move back to a down dog and switch legs.
Benefits: Extra height from the Blocks allows you to move more freely forward and back. Splits help you open up the legs, and it’s invigorating.

Pose: Cobra
Instruction: Place the Roller under your hands with arms stretched out in front of you. As you inhale begin to roll the Roller back to the chest as you lift the chest away from the floor.
Benefits: Opens heart and lungs while strengthening the back.

Chris wears the Featherweight Mat Tee (Coming Soon) and the Stretch Crepe Trail Short with Hidden Liner.
Chloe wears the New Steeplechase Sports Bra and the Dipped Warmup Legging.

Pose: Triangle Pose
Set up the legs in a triangle stance with ball of foot on the cork Triangle. Tip back into reverse triangle position as you inhale, on the exhale tip forward to a triangle pose with hand on cork Block.
Benefits: Stretches the legs and hips, improves digestion.

Pose: Supported Bridge with Eagle Wrap Legs
Place the Triangle underneath the sacrum, pointing in direction of the feet. Extend both legs up and then double wrap right leg over left thigh and behind left calf. Try and tap toes to floor and repeat on left side.
Benefits: Relieves the low back and improves circulation from lower body to upper body.

Pose: Thigh Roll
Lie on your side with the Roller near your hip, rest your other leg’s foot on the floor. Move along your outer thigh.
Benefits: Rolling improves circulation, preps muscles for stretching and helps with recovery afterward.

Sophie wears the Double-Time Bra and the Springs Legging.

Pose: Downdog to Updog
Take a Block under each hand and set up hands and feet for Downdog. Staying on the balls of your feet, roll forward to an Updog on the inhale and then swing the hips back to Downdog on the exhale. Repeat a few times to make it feel like a wave running through the body.
Benefits: Builds heat and clears out stagnation in the body.

Pose: High-Lunge
From a lunge, put your front heel on the Triangle, as you inhale take your hands interlaced behind the head and rise up, option to take an opposite elbow grab above the head.
Benefits: Strengthens the legs, opens the lungs, and with the heel on the Block its a little more punchy.

Pose: Roll Back
Start in a forward fold with knees bent into the armpits, chest close to thighs. Reach the Roller past your feet. Keep holding onto the Roller as you roll back onto your spine and flip your toes over head.
Benefits: Opens the hamstrings and lower back. Rolls out the spine like a massage.

Chris wears the Featherweight Mat Tee (Coming Soon) and the Stretch Crepe Trail Short with Hidden Liner.

Pose: Jump-Through
Using two Blocks under hands, from downdog inhale to rise on to the balls of the feet and look three feet past your hands, as you exhale hop your feet through the hands (extra credit to extend the legs and press into an upward plank).
Benefits: Strengthens the arms, makes you take a risk and its fun!

Sophie wears the Double-Time Bra and the Springs Legging.

Pose: Flipped Push-Up
Start in updog with two Blocks on the medium level under the upper thighs for support, toes are tucked. Flip both hands all the way around so your fingers face back, and your wrists face forward. On an exhale, bend your elbows to 90 degrees (similar to chaturanga). On an inhale push back up to your starting updog position.
Benefits: Opens the shoulders, opens the wrists, pumps the lungs.

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