Material Study — Textured Compression

Stretch and flex in Textured Compression, our primary performance fabric. Breathable and balanced, it’s perfect for your everyday recreational endeavors — whether you’re a springy gymnast or Sunday jogger, like our friends Nastasya and Valentine below.

*Remember to pump up the volume while you watch

Multi-functional and sweat-wicking, Textured Compression is our most versatile layer for year-round activity. Intelligent details, such as hidden pockets and figure-flattering seams, promote hiccup-free movement in any season.

Nastasya wears the Steeplechase Bra and the Tri-Tone Warmup Legging.

Offered in a kaleidoscopic array of colors in both Men’s and Women’s styles — from Upstate Crewnecks to Kneecap Leggings – Textured Compression is an encouraging shoulder rub and swift kick in the butt. Soft and secure, all at once.

Valentine wears the Upstate Hoodie and the Two-Tone Runningman Sweats.

Textured Compression is our utility player: reliable, resilient, and up for anything. It’s as beautiful as it is functional, freeing you to focus on making moves.

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