Material Study — Stretch Crepe

Stretch Crepe is our Carpe Diem fabric, the ultimate multi-tasker for Doing Things.


All weather, recreation ready — Stretch Crepe welcomes falling temps in stride. Being both wind and water resistant, this multi-tasker keeps you moving rain or shine.


With a dry touch and crisp feel, Stretch Crepe wicks moisture away from skin while maintaining gymnastic flexibility. It’s basically invincible.

Mari wears the Stretch Crepe Running Jacket, the Asymmetric Tank, and the Stretch Crepe Track Pant.
William wears the Stretch Crepe Running Jacket, the Stretch Crepe Jogger, and the Flatiron Tee.

On windy days when Recreation strikes, Stretch Crepe keeps you toasty without bulking up. Equipped with bonded interior seams and handy adjustable drawcords, Stretch Crepe stays in shape through the elements. Designed to get you out there and Doing Things, Stretch Crepe tools provide a hands-free journey with pockets aplenty. We really did think of everything.


Meet Mari

Hailing from Brazil, Mari wears Stretch Crepe with her eponymous line of Mari Giudicelli shoes. Like Stretch Crepe, Mari’s ultra-versatile leather footwear is meant for the modern multi-tasker who embraces the hyphen and is never not #DoingThings.

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