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A Little Bit Country,
A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Nashville. Cashville. Music City, USA. The epicenter of country music, the Athens of the South, whatever you call it, Nashville is a grandiose destination unlike any other city in the US. So when we opened the OV store in the same city as the Grand Ole Opry, we knew we had to give the store a unique look and feel that honored the city’s colorful persona.

From gold-plated exercise equipment, to a pink refrigerator, here are our favorite things in our Nashville outpost.

Gold Boombox 

When we were designing our store, we were thinking about Nashville being Music City and Elvis' gold piano. We wanted to honor the legacy of the city without being vintage, in a cliche way. We wanted something a bit more active and fun. Incorporating this gold boombox into the shopping experience felt like a proper way to honor Music City in a way that was both fun, nostalgic, and memorable. It's portable, gold, and it's ultra cute. We added the Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton cassettes for good measure.

Gold Dance Dance Revolution

This one also goes back to the Elvis gold piano, as well as a gold statue of Athena in Nashville's Parthenon. Maybe the gold references the opulence of the city. We were really thinking about how different musicians would exercise. DDR seemed pretty obvious because, well, it's all about dancing! It's really fun. Also, the TV is this cool old analog white television. It's fun to see all these colors flashing on a pixelated screen that you wouldn't normally play DDR on. 

Vintage Exercise Bike

We ordered a very special one from a guy in Germany named Wilhelm but it didn't end up arriving in time, so we had to improvise. Again we were thinking about how different musicians would exercise and seeing that famous photo of Dolly Parton on an exercise bike made us want to activate this room in the same way.

Pink Refrigerator 

This room was the kitchen in the house, which you can tell from the floors which we kept and sanded down — a classic checker board  floor. The idea with the fridge was both to continue using the space as a 'kitchen' and to reference Elvis. He was big on those crazy sandwiches people think are just peanut butter and banana but are actually also full of mayonnaise and also deep fried. On opening day, we featured a healthier version of those sandwiches, but right now we've been keeping it stocked with Topo Chico and other beverages so people can hydrate while they shop.

Want to see what other eccentricities can be found in our stores? Visit a store near you. We're way more fun in real life.

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