Take Ten with Astrid Wanja Brune Olsen

Take Ten with Astrid Wanja Brune Olsen

We took a break with pro tennis player Astrid Wanja Brune Olsen to talk the secret to the perfect serve and her ideal walkout song.

Player’s Details:

Name: Astrid Wanja Brune Olsen

Age: 18 (23 June, 1999)

Birth Place: Oslo, Norway

Plays: Right Handed (Double Handed Forehand)

Started Playing Tennis: Age 6

Favourite Surface: Clay

1. We saw that last year you got injured, what motivates you to keep coming back?

Yeah, I had an annoying injury. However, I knew since 14-15 that I really had a chance to become a great tennis player, and I wasn’t planning on letting an injury get in my way. As a tennis player or any other athlete for that matter, it’s normal to get injuries and you really just have to fight your way through it. I’m definitely very competitive in most things that I do. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, I always try to do my best and to win. In addition to that, tennis motivates me to eat right, train right and sleep right.

2. What’s a pre-match must have?

I must have some good music in my ears and a full stomach before I go in to a match.

3. Warm up?

Warm up: dynamic stretching, use my rubber band, run and then sprint.

Astrid wears the Ready Set Skirt in Moonstone and the Players Polosuit in Bloom

Astrid wears the Ready Set Skirt in Moonstone and the Players Polosuit in Bloom

4. Walk Out Song?

Any song by Beyoncé.

5. Dream Match?

My role model on the court is the one and only, Serena Williams. She’s such an incredibly fierce woman and she’s conquered so many obstacles on her way to success, I draw a lot of inspiration from that. A dream match would be to play her in a grand slam final.

6. What’s the secret to a perfect serve?

The secret to a perfect serve is practice. The more you serve, the better your serve will become. Also, remember to jump high! Use your legs to really get that serve popping.

7. Dream court?

My dream might just be the the centre court at Wimbledon.

Astrid wears the Doubles Dress in Navy and the TeachSweat Flex Short in Terracota

“Remember to jump high! Use your legs to get that serve really popping.”

8. Cool down?

Cool down: eat a 🍌, run/bike for a little while, roll on a foam roller, stretch and then chill.

Astrid wears the Players Polo Dress in Navy

9. Current Frequently Used Emojis?


10. Have you got any tennis tips for us?

No matter what the score is, never stop giving your 💯. The game is not over until the last ball is played.

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