I’m with the Band

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, our friends at Bon Appétit invited us to co-host a party at the St. Patrick’s Youth Center, and the tremendous Brooklyn United Marching Band stole the show. We spoke with the percussion and horn players about how performing in a marching band is all about doing things together.

All band members wear the Stadium Tee, the Upstate Crewneck, and the Sunday Shorts.

“Marching band and team sports both keep you active. We exercise a lot. It’s not like we just pick up a drum and practice. In order to do what we do, we have to build stamina, so we exercise and work out to stay in shape so we can do long parades without getting tired.”


“You’re using all of your body and using all of your energy. Just as if you’re playing a sport or playing basketball, you’re using your arms, you’re using your legs, you’re running. With drumming, I’ve got to dance, I got to play at the same time and use my brain to think what’s coming afterwards. It’s always about what’s afterwards, what’s next.”


“Your lips get tired playing the trumpet if you play a lot. The trumpet’s not that heavy, your arms don’t really get tired but from marching, your legs and feet get tired. Yeah, you have to build up your endurance so that you can march long parades. We do it together as a team.”

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