The Exerciser: Eliana’s Guide to Hiking in LA

Eliana Gil Rodriguez is Doing Things. You might recognize the designer and activist from our website, her eponymous line, Gil Rodriguez, or Instagram. We caught up with Eliana to learn her tips for the perfect LA hike.


I have been hiking since I moved to LA 9 years ago. One day, I’d love to do Machu Picchu. In LA, hiking is a very common social activity, so I usually find trails through friends. I’m not super hardcore—my hikes are all under 6 miles. I just make sure I’m stretched, sun protected and have enough water. Here, are some of my must hikes in case you ever find yourself in LA.

Before Getting Started

I have sensitive hip flexors so I do a lot of low lunges before hikes to stretch them out. My go-to hiking outfit is usually the Textured Compression Leggings and Bra with the CloudKnit Hoodie. I like to be swathed in softness but still want some support. The Stretch Crepe Jacket is amazing too—it’s lightweight but has safe spots for your keys and phone. Personally, I prefer pockets to bags. Oh and definitely Spalwarts!

For The Best Views: Temescal

If you’re looking for an incredible view, all the Malibu hikes have incredible ocean views but Temescal is still my favorite. I’ll go alone with headphones in and of course my dog Sophia is always invited. If you love to hike with your pup this one is a must. Post-hike, there’s a great Brazilian spot on Venice Blvd I’ve been hitting for years now. I’m not much for trail mix and stuff like that. I usually save my appetite for a very large feast often followed by a nap.

My friend Laura, my dog Sophia and I in Lone Pine, CA.

For Doing Things Together: Griffith Park

If you’re hiking with friends try to go somewhere with wider trails like Griffith Park—it’s perfect. Laura is one of my go-to hiking buddies if you couldn’t already tell. We either like to start before 8 a.m. so we can wrap up by late morning. If we don’t go in the morning, 3 p.m. is a good time and then we’ll wrap up before sunset, mainly to avoid harsh midday sun.

My dog Sophia, Patrick and I

For You and Your lOVe: Los Liones

Patrick and I love hiking in the winter in LA. The summer can get a bit stifling in the canyons. We especially like Los Liones at sunset—it’s so magical. We try and keep a steady, quick pace and stop every couple of miles to enjoy the scenery.

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