Doing Things, Together – ❤️’s Edition

This Valentine’s Day, may we suggest #DoingThings together with the ones you love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, grab your buddies and snuggle up. We chose to get cozy with our favorite girl gang, Krissy Jones, Chloe Kernaghan and Kumi Sawyers from Sky Ting Yoga.

We like getting bendy in the new Merino wool collection, which regulates body temperature to keep you cool when you’re warm and warm when you’re cool. It was love at first wear.

Kumi wears the Merino Shortstop Tee and Two-Tone Tempo Shorts.

Krissy wears the Merino Tank and the Studio Tight.

Chloe wears the Merino Muscle Tank and Biker Short.


“Adjustments are a super special way of communicating or relating to someone else. Human touch is a powerful tool that brings comfort, support and connection between people. In Yoga, we use adjustments to give students an experience they might not otherwise find on their own. Try these poses with your friends, and share some of the adjustment love!” – Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernaghan

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High Lunge

Step it out and feel the love. Performing adjustments with two friends allows you to keep the energy flowing equally in opposite directions and to experience more height and freedom in your lunge.

Friend No. 1

Step into a lunge. The front knee should be bent at 90 degrees with the kneecap over the heel. Reach through the back heel to make sure the back leg is straight. Arms reach straight overhead in line with the ears.


Friend No. 2

Interlace your hands behind Friend 1’s back leg and gently pull towards yourself. This will ensure Friend 1’s back leg is straight and stable.


Friend No. 3

Place your hands on Friend 1’s front knee and pull gently towards yourself to keep the knee at a 90-degree bend.


Full Wheel

A full heart — or, wheel—is one shared with friends. Bend back with your loved ones there for support while getting a deeper stretch and an instant energy boost.

Friend No. 1

Come into a full wheel. Start laying on your back. Place feet on the floor (or bed) hips distance apart. Keep hands by ears with fingertips facing your shoulders and elbows pointing straight up. Press hands and feet into the floor and push up into a backbend.


Friend No.2

Stand overhead with your feet and knees outside of Friend 1’s feet and knees. Place hands behind Friend 1’s upper thighs and pull slightly upwards toward yourself.


Friend No.3

Step your feet outside of Friend 1’s hands. Slide your hands behind Friend 1’s shoulder blades and pull gently upwards toward yourself.


You Can’t Spell L-O-V-E without OV

Kumi wears the Merino Mockneck Longsleeve and Skies Legging.
Krissy wears the Merino Tee and Two-Tone Warmup Legging.

OV ♡s Sky Ting Yoga — will you be our Valentine?

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