Doing Things, Together — Canine Edition

Man’s Best Friend, and your ultimate Doing Things Partner.

This Spring, skip the gym. Instead, take your four-legged friend out for a spin. Borderline obsessed with your furry friend? Well, as it turns out, those good vibes aren’t just in your head. According to a recent study people with pup partners are 34 percent more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week. So, what we’re saying is, yes it’s totally okay to adopt that third miniature labradoodle. Because science told you to. But seriously, the health benefits of dog companionship are seemingly endless. Aside from being cute, cuddly, and unconditionally loving, canines possess boundless energy, making them ideal mates for training, jogging, and playing. And far better running partners than your co-worker Jamie, who always shows up fifteen minutes late and complains the entire way (and then convinces you to go to happy hour for your cool-down). Unlike humans, dogs don’t flake, get lazy, or hunker down on the couch. So, whether you get your tail up the trail or your pup to the park, here are a few tips for getting outside and #DoingThings together.

Sasha wears the Ronde Bra, Stirrup Pant and Diver Longsleeve (tied around waist).
Barbie wears Shortstop Tee and Court Skort.

Walking with Noodle

Not only is walking an essential part of being a dog owner (seriously, it’s the bare minimum, time to press pause for paws), but it can also be an effortless addition to your fitness regimen. Research shows that when you keep a moderate pace you can burn as much as 68 calories in 20 minutes. Just imagine what you could do in an hour? Baby steps…

Sasha wears the Ronde Bra, Stirrup Pant and Diver Longsleeve (tied around waist).

Meet Noodle

Name: Noodle Sharp
Human: Our Operations Director, Tim Sharp
Birthday: 12.26.10
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Breed: Collie-Lab, Grey Hound Mix
Loves: To cuddle & play fetch
Favorite dinner: Chicken + veggies
Fun Facts: Adopted from Lil Monsters Rescue, advanced-level tricks (playing dead, and high-five).

Jogging with Bowie

Breaking a sweat with your pet is the perfect way to combine bonding time with fitness time. Why stress to squeeze in that pilates class after a long day of work when you can come home to your pup and get your heart rate up. According to research, training alongside your canine doesn’t just help your animal blow off steam, it may actually prove more productive than having a human running partner. A University of Missouri study shows that 12 weeks of running with your dog could increase your speed by up to 28 percent, as opposed to a measly 4 percent increase alongside your old buddy Joe the slowpoke. No offense, Joe, but pick up the pace.

Barbie wears Shortstop Tee and Court Skort.

Meet Bowie

Name: Bowie (Tony) Haney
Human: Our Founder and Chief Jogger Babe, Tyler Haney
Birthday: 9.01.13
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Breed: Havapoo
Instagram: @adventuresofbowie
Loves: Chasing chickens in my second home, ATX // jetsetting between NYC <> ATX //
playing with all the babes // TREATS // hanging upside down // jogging with my mama T-Honey
Fun Facts: Original OV Mascot & Model

Agility with Jackson

Experts have said that the best way to stay motivated and avoid fitness fatigue is to consistently diversify your workouts. Like you, animals crave adventure, too. In a dog’s world, fresh scenery = new territories to mark. Exploring new terrains helps with agility training. It keeps you on your toes and prepares you and your canine to conquer life’s obstacles. Whether you try out a new dog park, scale a rocky trail, or climb up and down a few sets of stairs (pro-tip: you can do this indoors when short on time if you live in an apartment building), your canine is the perfect partner for staying alert and stimulated.

Sasha wears the Mockneck Crop, Striped Studio Tank, Cuffed Lounge Pant & Merino Beanie in Black (In-Store Exclusive).

Meet Jackson

Name: Jackson Kaliner
Jackson is an honorary OV pup. Our Accounts and Partnerships Manager, Nikki Berse is his Auntie
Birthday: 12.21.14
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Breed: Mini Australian Labordoodle
Instagram: @jacksonthelabradoodle
Loves: The park // fetch // hiding under the bed
Secret to Keeping his Coat So Shiny: Daily brushes, Baby shampoo.

Fetch with Blake and Bowie

The best thing about dogs (unlike bosses) is that, although they may bark at phantom squirrels, they never bark orders. In fact, if you’ve been brushing up on your Ceasar Milan, your furball should be taking their cues from you. A good ol’ game of fetch never goes out of style. It’s a perfect reason to get outdoors and toss around the frisbee, plus you win the infinite joy of watching your little buddy exhaust himself while frantically searching for the ball you’ve devilishly hidden in your pocket because honestly you’re bored of this game and it’s time to go home. Give it a rest, Bowie!

Barbie wears the OV Logo Tee and the 3/4 Warmup Legging.

Meet Blake

Name: Blake Ohanyan
Human: Our Studio Manager, Stephanie Ohanyan
Birthday: 10.09.15
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Breed: Goldendoodle
Instagram: @bbygirlblake
Loves: Socks // cheese-whiz // the snow // playing with all my furry friends
Fun Facts: I’m not really golden, and I was the only chocolate baby in my litter.

No pet? Don’t fret. Your local shelter houses oodles of sweet dogs in need of loving companions, both temporary and permanent. Volunteering at a shelter is an ideal way to get your furry fix, prepare for future dog ownership, and establish a walking routine while improving the quality of life for at risk animals. Volunteers help doggies workout pent-up energy so they appear calmer in the presence of potential adopters and land forever homes faster. Visit the to find your next walking companion.

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