Doing Things, Together – Edition No. 1

Celebrating community though activity. #DoingThings together

Be it tossing a ball, lifting weights in rhythm or jogging in step, when friends get active in tandem, the duo feels more emotionally attuned and connected to one another. By deepening bonds, this form of nonverbal mimicry is as good for your relationship as it is for your health.

Seated Straddle Lounge

Activities like running and biking often leave hamstrings and lower back muscles feeling tight. Forward bends are the perfect way to loosen them up. A bend with a friend in need is a stretch worth doing indeed.

Both partners sit upright at a ninety-degree angle with legs extended straight in front of them and backs touching.

Partner #1 opens their legs about three feet, coming into a Seated Straddle position. They fold forward, walking their hands out in front of them.

Partner #2 slowly leans back, resting their spine and head on Partner #1’s back. If it feels comfortable, Partner #2 can hold Partner #1’s feet. Keep talking to each other, making small adjustments if necessary. When either partner has had enough, they both slowly lift their torsos, returning to an upright position, and switch roles.

Sasha wears the Striped Slashback Crop, Athena Crop (layered underneath), Court Skort, Catch-Me-if-You-Can Hoodie (tied around waist).

Joline wears the Striped Slashback Crop, Athena Crop (layered underneath), and Court Skort.

Facing Fence

Getting a leg up in life can be challenging to do on your own, but is easier (and more fun) when done with a friend. Facing your partner during Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe pose will help you stay balanced and provides a deeper stretch for your hamstrings.

Stand facing your partner, about 3 feet apart.

Partner #1 lifts their right leg into Partner #2’s hands, so that their leg is parallel to the floor. Partner #2 should hold the leg just above the heel.

Partner #2 performs the same action with their right let. Communicate with your partner (“Not so high,” or “You can lift higher”) so that the stretch feels deep, but not painful. Stay here for about 5 breaths, remembering to stand tall with your torso in line with your standing leg. Then, gently lower your partner’s leg down to the ground and repeat on your other side.

Double Standing Straddle

Get grounded: This partner pose, which brings your head below your heart, opens the backs of your hamstrings and lengthens your spine. Communicate with each other to stay in sync while stretching it out.

Stand back to back with your feet about 3 ft apart, and about 6-8 inches between you and your partner’s heels (you will need room for your booties once you fold forward).

Both partners bring their hands to their hips. Inhale and then lengthen through the spine, tucking the tailbone under. As you exhale, fold forward at the hips, extending the crown of your head down towards the ground.

Reach your arms through your legs and grab onto your partner’s wrists. Stay here for as long as you both want, and as you get deeper into the pose, you can reach further up towards your partner’s forearms and triceps. Release the pose when you’re both ready by placing your hands on your hips, and rising up to stand as you inhale.

Sasha wears the Slashback Crop.

Joline wears the Slashback Crop and Gradient Legging.

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