Doing Things, Together — Co Workers Edition

What better way to bond with your coworkers than some quality time #DoingThings together? Not only does office activity help relieve stress and keep things interesting, but pairing up provides an ideal window for trust-building and communication.

Seated Stretches

By the time lunch hour rolls around, your body is probably screaming. That’s because a marathon of sitting at a desk causes tension in the back, neck and shoulders, as well as poor circulation. Next time you feel restless, turn to your desk mate and try one of these. And save your excuses, you can do these small but impactful exercises right from your chair.

1st Stretch
Take a deep breath and relax – Extend your right arm above your head – Point your fingers like you’re making jazz hands – Repeat on other side – Exhale (dramatically if you wish)
2nd Stretch
Cross your left leg over your right – Place your left hand over your left knee, push down to add resistance, and hold for five seconds – Flex your foot and wiggle your toes (Oh, good, you’re not going to lose the leg) – Repeat on other side

Conference Call Stretches

Turn your conference call into an opportunity to stretch. Simply rest your hand on your hip and deep lunge from side to side, or make big circles with your head as if saying “No, yes, I don’t know, maybe.” Remember to press mute if you need to release a sigh of relief.

Stretch Crepe — the perfect fabric for an in-office Stretch Date. The structured and streamlined silhouette passes as work appropriate attire, while the four-way stretch and sweat-wicking properties keep you cool, dry, and flexible under pressure.


Arms, Hands & Wrists

In the digital age, even the most creative of occupations require hours of sedentary time. It’s imperative to give your wrists and fingers a break with stretches especially designed for those glued to a stylus or keyboard. Hint: squeeze in this little exercise while waiting for a download.


Extend both arms


Clasp them together at the fingertips and hold for ten seconds


Interlock your fingers, and roll your wrists

Cooler Catch-Up

Ditch the desk for some cooler catch-up. Blab while you bend and dip while you sip. Try reverse lunges, knee bends, and arm extensions to get the recommended one minute break every fifteen minutes.


Working hard can be hard on your body. So give yourself a mental and physical break and start #DoingThings together in Stretch Crepe.

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