A.P.C.O.V. in Motion

A.P.C. and Outdoor Voices teamed up out of mutual love for material, but it was music that clinched our bond. Together, we found a rhythm for everyday play – fun, freeing, and with friends – and it formed the beat of our campaign.

As early fans of Hamilton: An American Musical, we pulled Sasha Hutchings and Ephraim Sykes into the A.P.C.O.V. spotlight. The all-star couple choreographed a playful take on Physical Theatre — part dance, part imagination and all teamwork. Our kind of Recreation.

Ephraim wears the Running Anorak in Camo Print, the Flatiron Tee in Charcoal, and the Gym Short in Camo Print. All from the A.P.C.O.V. collection.
Sasha wears the Running Anorak in Ditsy Print, the Longsleeve Body Suit in Charcoal, and the Running Short in Ditsy Print. All from the A.P.C.O.V. collection.

“A great friend of ours has this beautiful property in Hawley, PA. Sasha and I go up there to get away from the craziness of the city and relax in the open mountain air… giving us the space and freedom to unplug, recharge and dream aloud.” — Ephraim Sykes


“Dance is another form of communication to me and can feel as easy as talking. More than anything dance feels natural. It is the extension of the energy of any given moment.” — Sasha Hutchings

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